Every vehicle which is three years old requires an M.O.T Test. It is a test which checks vehicle safety and exhaust emissions.

M.O.T Certificates are issued under the advocacy of Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), an agency within the department of transport. The certificate proves that vehicle meets the minimum roadworthiness aspects ad safety standards required by the law.

What the M.O.T Test includes?

M.O.T Test checks some of the parts of your vehicle to see that weather they met legal requirement or not.

  • The Body and vehicle structure.
  • The fuel system.

  • The exhaust system.
  • The brakes.
  • The tyres and wheels

  • The seats.
  • Load security.

  • The registration plate.
  • The vehicle identification number.

  • The wipers and washers
  • The mirrors
  • The bonnets.

  • The lights.
  • The doors

  • The seat belts.
  • The horn.

  • The steering and suspection.
  • The windscreen